Molecular View of HIV/AIDS (Pre-test)

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For each of the following select the best answer that best fits the question or statement.

1. HIV is a(n)
A. RNA virus
B. Retro virus
C. DNA virus
D. A and B
2. HIV weakens the immune system by killing
A. mast cells
B. antigens
C. helper T cells
D. B cells
3. Which of these proteins are important in the entry of HIV into a host cell?
A. CD4
B. CD8
D. A and C
4. If HIV proviral DNA is present in the host cell
A. the cell is permanently infected
B. it may remain latent (hidden) for long periods of time
C. it can produce new virus even after years.
D. all of the above.
5. The HIV protein that is involved in attachment of the virus to host cells is
A. CD4
B. gp120
D. Reverse transcriptase
6. The cART for HIV does not include which of the following:
A. Protease inhibitor
B. Reverse transcriptase inhibitor
C. RNA polymerase inhibitor
D. Integrase inhibitor
7. The test for HIV looks for which of the following:
I. P24 antigen assay
II. HIV RNA assay
III. HIV-1/HIV-2 antibody assay
A. Only I
B. Both I and II
C. All I, II and III
D. Both I and III
8. Which of the following are common challenges in treating HIV infection:
A. Diagnosis/awareness of infection
B. Drug Resistance
C. Access to medication
D. All of the above
9. Developing an HIV vaccine is a challenge because:
A. The surface proteins of HIV are glycosylated
B. HIV undergoes rapid mutation
C. Both A. and B.
D. None of the above
10. HIV can be transmitted by all of the following EXCEPT:
A. sweat
B. breast milk
C. blood
D. semen