Carboxypeptidase A

1986, Unknown Dimensions

Geis depicts the structure of carboxypeptidase A, highlighting the central twisted beta sheet of the enzyme. The enzyme itself cuts polypeptide chains from the carboxyl terminal end. Included in the painting is an orange dot representing a zinc atom at the active site.

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Related PDB Entry: 5CPA

Experimental Structure Citation

Rees, D., Lewis, M., & Lipscomb, W. (1983). Refined crystal structure of carboxypeptidase a at 1.54 Å resolution. J. Mol. Biol. 168, 367-387.

About Carboxypeptidase A

Carboxypeptidase A, as a peptidase, cleaves polypeptide linkages. As apparent by the name, this protein cleaves the polypeptide chain from the carboxy-terminal end.