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3D Print: Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP)

Download curated files for 3D printing.

3D Model Information

GFP 3D model view
PDB structure used to generate the model file: 4ar7

Model generated with: UCSF Chimera

Model physical size (in mm): 33.6 x 49.5 x 46.5

Download 3D Print File (.stl)

Sample print

GFP with Supports
GFP Model Size

Printed on: Ultimaker S3

Model material: PLA

Support material: PVA (water soluble)

Output scale: 175%

3D Print and Structural Features of GFP

GFP model

Image 1

GFP model

Image 2

GFP model

Image 3

GFP is a small protein that glows green when exposed to ultraviolet light. The protein chain forms a cylindrical can called beta barrel (Image 1).

The protein chain folds into 11 beta strands with one portion of the chain threading straight through the middle, called chromophore. Painting the N- and C-termini in blue and red respectively allows for exploration how the polypeptide forms the secondary and tertiary structure (Image 2).

The atoms essential in forming the chromophore are represented as spheres in this model and painted yellow (Image 3).