Myoglobin Fold

1987, Unknown Dimensions

Geis illustrated the structure of myoglobin, focusing on the folding pattern of the secondary structure of the protein. Unlike previous myoglobin Illustrations, this painting focuses on the tertiary structure of the molecule rather than the sequence or surface.

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Related PDB Entry: 1MBN

Experimental Structure Citation

Kendrew, J., Bodo, G., Dintzis, H., Parrish, R., Wyckoff, H., & Phillips, D. (1958). A Three-Dimensional Model of the Myoglobin Molecule Obtained by X-Ray Analysis. Nature, 181, 662-666. DOI:10.2210/pdb1mb/pdb

About Myoglobin

Molecule of the Month: Myoglobin

Myoglobin stores oxygen in cells, and is particularly plentiful in muscle cells. This historic structure (sperm whale myoglobin) was the first structure of a protein, solved in the laboratory of John Kendrew.

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